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U.P.I.V.E.B. is the national association of the Italian fastener manufacturers. The Association was established on November 28, 1961 in Milan. The head office is based in Milan, Piazza della Repubblica, 10 (Phone: +39 (0)2 65.75.295 Fax.: +39 (0)2 65.72.897 E.mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

U.P.I.V.E.B. gathers as members all the Italian fastener manufacturers who have reached the highest production efficiency levels, and are in a position to offer advanced products, the high quality of which is officially recognized and appreciated by both the domestic and the international markets.

U.P.I.V.E.B. is structured into different Product Group sections, which are autonomously operating through independent management bodies.

U.P.I.V.E.B. is managed by a Presidential Committee formed by the Presidents and Vice-Presidents in office of each product group, as well as by the Italian members of the EIFI (European Industrial Fasteners Institute) Board.

In carrying out its functions, U.P.I.V.E.B. keeps continuous and close relations with national and international Authorities and Organizations, focusing, first of all, on the development of standardization matters and specifications concerning the fastener industry (in particular, in cooperation with UNI in Italy, and ISO worldwide).

U.P.I.V.E.B. participates both as a Charter Member and as an active member in the activities of E.I.F.I. (European Industrial Fasteners Institute), the Association representing the European manufacturers of mechanical fasteners.

Through its publishing company, Editoriale U.P.I.V.E.B. Srl, U.P.I.V.E.B. publishes the magazine "Italian Fasteners", the first Italian magazine entirely focused on the fastener industry, distributed in Italy and all over the world.
First italian fasteners magazine

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