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This application collects some personal data of  its users.

Data Controller

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Collected Data Types

Among the personal data collected by this application, either autonomously or through third parties, there are cookies and use data.

Other collected personal data may be specified in the other sections of this privacy policy or through information texts  displayed  at the same time as the collected data.
Personal data may be entered on purpose by the user, or may be automatically collected during the use of this application.  
If not otherwise specified, any use of cookies – or other tracking tools – made by this application or by the providers of third party services is aimed at identifying the user and  his/her preferences for purposes strictly connected with the supply of the service requested by the user.
User’s non-disclosure of some personal data may stop the supply of the services provided by this application.

The user takes on the responsibility for the personal data published or shared by a third party through this application, and guarantees to be entitled to communicate or spread them, thus relieving the data controller from any responsibility towards third parties.

Procedure and Location of Collected Data Processing

Data Processing Procedure

The data controller processes the users’ personal data by adopting  all necessary safety measures aimed at preventing any unauthorized access, disclosure, change, or destruction of the personal data.
The data control process is carried out through information and/or telecommunication tools, by means of organizational procedures and logics strictly related to the  specified purposes. In some particular cases, in addition to the data controller, other appointed subjects involved in the website organization (i.e. administration, sales and marketing, legal members of the staff, and data controllers), or external subjects (i.e. third party providers of technical services,  carriers, hosting providers, IT companies, communication agencies) appointed by the data controller  – if necessary-  process managers may also have access to the data. An updated list of these managers can be requested to the data controller at any time.

Data Processing Place

Data are processed at the operational premises of the data controller and in any other place in which the concerned parties are localized. Please contact the data controller for additional information.

Data Processing Time

The data are processed for all the time required for executing the service requested by the user, or for the time required by the purposes of this paper. The user is entitled to request the interruption of the data processing or the data cancellation.

Purpose of the Collected Data Processing

User’s data are collected to allow the data controller providing his/her services, as well as for the purpose of calculating statistics. The types of  personal data used for each purpose are specified in the related sections of this paper.

Details Concerning Personal Data Processing

Personal data are collected for the following purpose, and make use of the following services:

  • Statistics

The service mentioned in this section allows the data controller monitoring and analysing the traffic data, and is used to keep a track of users’  behaviours. 

Google Analytics (Google Inc.)

Google Analytics is an analysis service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google makes use of the collected personal data to trace out and examine the use of this application, to write up reports, and share them with other services developed by Google.
Google may use the personal data to contextualize and customize the advertisements of its publicity network.

Collected Personal Data: Cookies and Use Data.

Data Processing Place: USA – Privacy Policy – Opt Out

Additional Information on Data Processing

Legal Defence

The user’s personal data may be used for the legal defence of the data controller or in the preliminary stages if this should be set up, from abuse in using the same, or the services connected to the user.
The user declares to be aware that the data controller may be required  to disclose such data on the public authority’s demand .

Specific Information

In addition to the information included in this privacy policy, on user’s demand, this application can supply to the user some additional and contextual information concerning specific services, or the list of the collected personal data processing.

System Log and Maintenance

For requirements related  to operation and maintenance, this application and any third party services used by it may collect systems logs, i.e. files recording interactions, which may include also personal data, such as the user’s IP address.

Information not Included in this Policy  

More information related to personal data processing may be requested to the data controller at any time using the contact information.  

Exercise of Users’ Rights

The subjects the personal data refer to are entitled to exercise at any time the right  to receive from the data controller a confirmation of their existence, to know their content and origin,  to assess their correctness or ask for their integration, cancellation, updating or amendment,  and  the change of them into an anonymous form. They are also entitled to block any personal datum processed in violation of law, as well as to take position, for legitimate reasons, against  their processing. All requests shall be submitted to the data controller.

This application does not support “Do Not Track” requests.

In order to know whether the services provided by third parties support this application, the user should refer to the different providers’ privacy policies.

Changes Brought to this Privacy Policy

The data controller reserves the right to bring some changes to this privacy policy at any time, by informing the users through this page. Therefore, users are invited to check often this page, making reference to the date of the latest change brought (see the bottom of the page). In case of non-acceptance of the changes brought to this privacy policy, the user shall stop to use this application and  is entitled to request the removal of his/her personal data. If not otherwise specified, the preceding privacy policy shall apply to the personal data collected up to that time.

Information on this Privacy Policy

The data controller is responsible for this privacy policy, which was drawn  up basing on forms prepared by Iubenda that are kept on its servers.

Legal Definitions and References

Personal Data (Data)

A personal datum is an information concerning a natural person identified or identifiable even indirectly, through a reference to any other information, including a personal identification number.

Use Data

Use data are information automatically collected by this application (or by third party applications this application makes use of), among which: IP addresses or names included in the computers used by users who connect themselves with this application, URI (Uniform Resources Identifier) addresses, time of the request, method used to submit the request to the server, size of the file obtained in answer, digital code  specifying the answer received by the server (successful, error, etc,), country of origin, characteristics of the browser and  the operating system used by the visitor, different time features of the visit (for example, length of stay on each page), and details concerning the route followed within the application with particular reference to the sequence of examined pages, the parameters concerning the operating system, and the user’s  IT environment.


The subject who makes use of this application, that should coincide with the person involved or be authorized by him/her, and whose personal data are subject to the processing.

Person Concerned

The natural or the legal subject personal data refer to.

Subject in Charge of Data Processing

The natural person, the legal subject, the public administration and any other organization, association or authority appointed by the data controller to process the personal data, in compliance with the provisions of this privacy policy.

Data Controller

The natural person, the legal subject, the public administration and any other organization association or authority responsible, also in conjunction with another data controller, for decisions concerning the personal data processing procedures and the related used tools, including the safety profile, related to the operational status and the use of this application. If not otherwise specified, the data controller is the owner of this application.

This Application

The hardware or software through which the users’ personal data are collected.


A small part of the data kept inside the user’s system .

Legal References

Communication to European users: this privacy policy has been drawn up in compliance with the provisions of Art. 10 of the EC/95/46 Directive, and with the provisions of the 2002/58/EC Directive, updated by the 2009/236/EC Directive on Cookies.

This privacy policy concerns exclusively this application.

Latest change : July 20, 2019 

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