Dear Members, Friends, and Colleagues,

Today, more than ever, I feel the need to take son time to reflect, through the voice of our Association, on the actual role Fasteners are playing in Italy.

In an ever-changing world, U.P.I.V.E.B. (Unione Produttori Italiani Viteria e Bulloneria), established on November 28, 1961 thanks to the forward-looking willpower of some enlightened entrepreneurs of that time, has always aimed at promoting and supporting the Italian production of the fastener industry. More than 50 years have passed from that day, and we are conscious that the market has changed, and our companies have changed, too.  The dynamics of the Italian economic system, the ever- increasing number of Member States belonging to the European Union, and the rise of globalization are events that have dramatically changed the aspect of our market. We have gradually witnessed the transition of our companies from the size of craft enterprises acting mainly on a regional scale, to the size of industrial corporations operating on a global scale.

UPIVEB is particularly proud of this change.  

Our members and their companies are the point of reference of our website and our magazine “Italian Fasteners”.

With an overall turnover exceeding one billion and a half Euros and 4,500 employees in all, the UPIVEB member companies, which are  small-, medium- and large-sized firms, gather by over 75% our domestic production.

Looking back on the path we have taken in these yers, I wish our Association a long and prosperous future. A future in which the activities and the passion that unite us may become for all of us, for our companies, and for the whole world of fasteners, a real opportunity of growth.


Sergio Pirovano

President of UPIVEB

First italian fasteners magazine

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